Next stop: Wales!

We’re very pleased to have been invited to bring Vivascope to the first Llandudno Arts Weekend

Zoe will be performing Friday, Saturday and Sunday (20-22/9) afternoons on the Mostyn Crescent promenade.  The festival is curated by artist Marc Rees — there’s loads happening and it’s all free!


Vivascope on Brighton beach


Vivascope in Milton Keynes

We had a great time bringing Vivascope to the Milton Keynes Festival Fringe!

Vivascope MKA bit different than the original show on Brighton beach!  It was a great opportunity to bring the camera obscura to a new place and explore some new themes and ideas.  We had lovely audiences and very well looked after by the MK Fringe team.  Thanks!

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

It’s raining.  Again.  As it’s a bit tricky to rehearse properly in the rain, this is a chance to catch up on our blogging…

Vivascope Madeira

Vivascope on Brighton beach… it’s not raining!

Vivascope is on the beach!  It had been at Dorothy Stringer School for several weeks, so that we could devise with the Year 10 drama students (and also work on our own show over the students’ Easter break…)

But now it’s in place, on the beach by the West Pier.  It’ll stay there for the students’ show (5-7 May) and the first two weekends of our show (12-13 and 19-20 May) before moving to Madeira Drive with all the other bathing machines for the final weekend of Dip Your Toe (26-27 May).

Devising this show has been interesting…  Neither of us has ever made a show like this before.  We’ve spent a lot of time working with the DYT team to get the bathing machine built and the camera obscura installed…  It’s only now that Vivascope exists that we can really sink our teeth into devising.  It’s a unique creation and one of the most peculiar “theatres” either of us have ever seen (and we’ve worked in all kinds of strange places…)

The audience will be in a replica Victorian bathing machine watching, via a camera obscura, a performer in a specific place.  Bit tricky to create a show until the bathing machine, camera obscura and specific place all come together!  Good thing we like a puzzle…

Now, back to practicing drawing stick figures upside-down until it stops raining…